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Wines of Cariñena

The history of D.O. Cariñena goes back several centuries, where the Roman town Carae, today Cariñena, has been fighting since then to make a name and to have some magnificent wines of Cariñena with a key date in the eighties when the great qualitative leap In the elaboration of wine with the introduction of new farming systems, investment in technology and the adoption of new and good oenological practices.

Cariñena is a municipality in the province of Zaragoza that is located in the middle of the Ebro Valley, has an area of ​​14,388 hectares of vineyards. Some 1,540 vintners are in charge of the vines, which constitutes the main economic sustenance of the region.

The varieties of Cariñena wine that are produced are red, pink and white. Regarding aging and aging, we highlight the following:

Wines of cariñena Crianza: red wines with a period of aging of 24 months, at least six have been in oak barrels with a maximum capacity of 330 liters. In contrast, white and rosé wines have a minimum aging period of 18 months, of which at least six have been in oak barrels with a maximum capacity of 330 liters.

Cariñena wines Reserva: red wines whose minimum aging period is 36 months, will be at least 12 in oak barrels of a maximum of 330 liters, and in the bottle the rest of that period. The cariñena Reserva wines white and pink have a different aging period, specifically 24 months and will be at least 6 months in oak barrel of very similar capacity.

 Cariñena wines Gran Reserva: red wines with a minimum age of 60 months and at least 18 in oak barrels of max. Of 330 liters, and in bottle the rest of said period. In contrast, whites and rosés, their aging period is 48 months, which will have remained at least six months in oak barrels.

Wine of cariñena Añejo: Both red, white or pink wines are subject to a minimum aging period of 24 months in total, in oak wood storage with a maximum capacity of 600 liters or in bottle.

Wine of noble cariñena: wines that undergo a minimum period of aging of 18 months, in oak wood storage of maximum capacity of 600 liters or in bottle.

Wine of cariñena Oak: They are wines that have been in deposit of oak wood for more than 45 days in case the wine is white and 90 days in case the wine is red.

Wineries in D.O Cariñena:

It has 32 wineries destroyed in 12 municipalities, most of them concentrated in the municipality of Cariñena, Almonacid de la Sierra and Muel, and other municipalities such as Aguarón, Alfamen, Cosuenda, Longares, Mezalocha, Paniza and Tosos, among others. .

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